Welcome to the Project page for the WCD - Webcam controller daemon

(Unix name = SSCD - Serial Servo Controller Daemon )

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What it is:

Its a daemon that controlls one or more Mini SSC:s from www.seetron.com.
In the packades there are also a program called wc.setup that you run and just enter the different values in, like what port to use etc.

As you might notice you can use this for controlling whatever you want not only you webcam. The main idee is that from a PHP coded page (on the internet) put in the new values to where the servos should move and then the daemon would move them. For now I use it to controll my Webcam so that people on the net can have a "look around" in my room. But as I wrote you can use it to controll everything connected to the Mini SSC. For example just make a note in the Crontab program to write to the "move" file every ones a day and there you have a system that controlls something via servos for as long there is power to the computer.

 Its a daemon that on start up reads one config file, I rewriting the function that reads the config file so its possible that is will be 2 or even 3 config files to make
the edit of the files and also the reading of the config more easier. (In the config file(s) there are info about how many servos that are connected, to which port the MiniSSC is connected (/dev/ttyS#, where # is the number of the port 1,2 and so on), if you want to use the ready function (also where you have located the "ready" file, more about this later on) and the max and min values that you dont want the servo to go under/over, also how many seconds you want it to wait before reading the "move" file again. The "move" file and the "ready" file may have whatever name you want, you just enter it in the config file like this: /var/www/my_ready_file for example, the config file is located in /etc/wcd/).

When it have started it writes to the the success log file (log.succes) that is located with the other error log file under /var/log/wcd/ that it has started and working.

After this is starts its loop to read the "move" file, where the new positons to the servos you have connected to the MiniSSC should move. It moves the servos to that position and then waits for the amount of time (seconds) you have entered in the config file. After that time it will read the "move" file again and start moves them to the new position and after that waits for the amount of time you have entered in the config file and so on.........